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eck*cellent IT GmbH

eck*cellent IT GmbH is an expanding provider of customised software development operating on an international level.

Our competences are:

  • Software - We develop customised software solutions with a wealth of know-how, years of experience and high demands.
  • Projects - We are successfully implementing IT-projects with high quality requirements, latest technologies and advanced development processes.
  • Processes - We assure high software quality by efficient software development processes.

information and communication technology, multimedia
technology-oriented services
Contact info
Company name eck*cellent IT GmbH
Address Emil-Figge-Straße 90
Zip Code & City 44227 Dortmund
Location TechnologieZentrumDortmund (TZDO)
Wissenschafts- und Technologiecampus
Phone 0231-97 10-87 00
Fax 0231-97 10-87 69
Homepage http://www.eckcellent-it.de
E-Mail info@eckcellent-it.de
Contact person
Name Herr Thomas Rustemeyer
E-Mail info@eckcellent-it.de